What our customers say ...
I had met Bjorn a number of years ago at Merrifield Nurseries, where he helped me with selecting just the "perfect" fountain for me. This was not easy, as I had gone through 5 or so over the years. I learned there are many variables that could lead me to like or not like any specific fountain, and what appears to be a great fountain when seeing it at a nursery may not be so great when it gets home. Since then, Bjorn has serviced my "perfect" fountain. He knows what to do, and doesn't offer to do more than I really needed, but he does tell you if he thinks you need to do something. He then takes the time to explain everything to you (if you want!). Along the way, it became apparent that Bjorn knows a lot about fountain maintenance, and when and how to be creative if he runs into an obstacle (e.g., an underground conduit, a bad slope, etc.). Bjorn is courteous and very competent, as well as a consummate professional. I will never select or repair another fountain without checking in with Bjorn first.

P. Kimmel
Bethesda  - March, 13  2016

Bjoern Neumann did a wonderful, first class job of renovating my pond/waterfall, and at a very reasonable price. He totally cleaned out at least 6 inches of muck at the bottom, repaired leaks, and installed new tubing. I am very pleased. Bjoern is a true professional whom I highly recommend!.

Ed K.

If you are looking for someone to help with your garden pond, Bjoern Neumann is the person for you!  He helped us find a couple leaks in our pond and fixed the problem.  He was very careful with our plants and snails inside the pond as well.  He even went over some helpful tips to keep our pond beauiful and our fish happy.  We are so pleased with his work, honesty and professionalism.  We would definitely recommend Bjoern for any garden pond or fountain work!

Kimberley C.
Arlington, VA

Bjorn was great helping me learn about the new pond that came with my house.  He cleaned it up well but also taught me how to care for it and taught me which plants to add to make it attractive, bio-friendly, and a nice home for the fish.  He also rescued me when my pump broke and went the extra mile to be sure I was taken care of.  I'm now proud of my pond and no longer afraid of it!!!  Very professional and very helpful.

Tom M.
Falls Church, VA

Bjoern installed a beautiful antique granite millstone fountain in my garden, and it has greatly increased the number and variety of wildlife visiting my yard.  It draws many species of birds, as well as chipmunks and squirrels; they drink, bathe, and "stand in line" to use the feature.   It is a joy to watch them!  The circular stone enhances the Asian accents and atmosphere of the garden, and the sound of the water is peaceful and Zen-like.  The deck and garden have become my favorite places to escape the everyday world restore my spirit.  Bjoern advised me wisely on the selection of the stone and its placement; I had always wanted a water feature but wanted it to be organic and fit naturally into the landscape.  The maintenance is very minimal, much less than I had anticipated.  I could not be happier with the choice.  

A. Muller
Falls Church, VA

Bjorn did a great job on my 2 ponds. He was very knowledgeable and did great work. He spent 4.5 hours in the cold rain cleaning my two ponds. He worked on a leak in my pond and when the initial fix did not hold up, he came back to work on it a second time without any hassle. He even said he would reimburse me is the fix did not work. He gave me lots of advice on maintaining my ponds and was overall very pleasant. I appreciate that he returns my messages quickly and is respectful of my time.

Melat L.
Arlington, VA