Variety of Projects
  1. Classic Tiered Fountain
    Classic Tiered Fountain
    A beautiful accessory to enhance visual value to the property and allure to the house itself.
    ~$2300 retail, ~$300/400 install
  2. Big Pool Fountain
    Big Pool Fountain
    THE entrance water feature! Low refill. No refill at all, if a automatic refill device can be attached. Algeas can be controlled with a UV-light. We developed install tricks with our pool fountains, which keeps the later maintainance easy and low service costs, other competitors don't do or don't know better!
    $4,500-15,000 retail, ~$600-3,500 install
  3. Wall Fountain
    Wall Fountain
    Wall Fountains coming in all kind of sizes and shapes. The one creating a rain curtain have the most smoothing sound
    From $500-$3000 retail, $250-1500 install
  4. Disappearing Basin Fountain
    Disappearing Basin Fountain
    The fountain feature can be a rock, a jar, an asian granite theme or even an old millstone. The fountain piece sits on basin with a grid and pebbles cover the grid. Very, very little refill over weeks! The grid screens out leaves, mosquitos and blocks sun light > no green water algeas!
    ~$500-2000 retail, $300-800 install
  5. Small Pool Fountain
    Small Pool Fountain
    Very Asian. Can be enhanced with hardy bog and water plants. Magnificent with an underwater light at night!
    ~$700-$2,800 material, $600-1,200 install
  6. Patio Fountain
    Patio Fountain
    Normally small to medium sized. Very important that they produce a calming, smoothing sound to create an relaxing and welcoming atmosphere for family and friends sitting close by.
    ~$300-1,400 retail, $250-$500 install
  7. Well Fountain w/bubbler rock
    Well Fountain w/bubbler rock
    Into the well fountain can water plants be added. Quite an old world character feature. Can sit on top of a pond as well with a little stream and water fall flowing into the pond
    ~$800-3,000 material, ~$1,600-4,500 labor
  8. Just Consulting
    Just Consulting
    You have your family stand by to build your own backyard pond, but just need some technical advise? Let's do it.
    Estimate on site
  9. Repair of Damaged Fountains
    Repair of Damaged Fountains
    We can repair and refinish a lot of severely damaged fountains, urns and statuary.
    Estimate on site
  10. Fish Pond
    Fish Pond
    For the pond water to be healthy it is essential to know where to place the main pump, uv-light, waterfall and bio-filter. Done wrong the water gets filthy, fish sick and the algeas having a party! To install all the technical components in the right way to ensure ecological balance is our superior strength towards other "landscapers"! And, yes, we know some details and design elements to get animal predators away from your fish!
  11. Small Ornamental Fish Pond
    Small Ornamental Fish Pond
    One of the most challenging pond in the business are small fish ponds. The smaller the water volume is, the harder it is to keep the water healthy for fish. Our decade of professional experience enables us to do it for you!
  12. Adding Design Elements and Tech Parts
    Adding Design Elements and Tech Parts
    If your pond has any water quality issues, we come out, analyze the situation and give advise what to change and what parts might have to be added. Or you just want to beautify your pond with a new waterfall.
    Estimate on site
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