About Us
  Me? ..., the owner? Well, I am a native German. Yes, one of these with a boundless love for all details and the absolute perfection in his work.
I am part of the fountain and pond universe since 11years as a technical specialist, designer and consultant. To create with water is not only the "job", it is indeed my true passion. And I do love to make my customers happy and smiling with my professional skills. (I was part of Merrifield Garden Center team for many years.) 
If you have in mind to enrich your property with a fountain feature, we help you first to make the right choise! There are so many different kind of fountains available regarding
    water sound(!), 
    high or low maintanace(!!!)
    and price of course.
We know the details and tricks to keep the refill rate low.
We will find out the one for you with the most soul catching, nature like "gurgely" water sound! Leave the one with the boring "white noise" sound to your neighbour.
Another thing we do, is to repair cracked, broken, chipped, faded old fountain features. 
Our edge with ponds is, we know a variety of design details which protect your fish against animal predators. And there are design elements to keep the algeas out of your pond, as well.
Our goal is to provide you a pond with low maintainace. This happens, because the technical equipment is just right and in balance with each other! This is what does tell us appart from other landscape companies. Everyone can digg a hole, put a liner inside, connect a whatever pump and arrange some boulder nice and need at the edges, but this normaly all what you get from them, than.
We do offer upgrading, spring cleaning and winterization service for both for fountains and ponds. 
Ah, and if you look fo a reliable, well-done landscape service, my selected group of highly professionals and myself can do this for you, too!
                     Bjorn Neumann
PS  Our area where we normaly serve is Fairfax County, Tyson's Corner, Great Falls, Mclean and Alexandria. But, please, don't be shy, sometimes we go the "extra mile".
Be free to check out our "Testimonial" page.
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